Ralph Lauren Resort 2013

There was so much dark, brooding romanticism in the fall collections that, come November or so, when resort clothes start hitting stores, Ralph Lauren’s citron-yellow biker jacket will be a shock to the senses. And maybe that’s just what’s needed, like waking up in Oz after months in a goth, crystallized, moody Kansas with Rooney Mara as Dorothy. Whether or not that makes Lauren the Wizard, he certainly knows how to color a landscape. 

Alongside the electric-yellow jacket in the designer’s illuminating resort collection were pieces like a one-shouldered apple-green evening dress in languid silk satin, a belted, tangerine safari jacket in suede, and an elegantly simple hyacinth-pink column dress. That palette was intended to evoke summer cocktails, which, again, come November—or anytime, really—will sound appealing. And the vivid hues Lauren used look the most chic when worn mono-chromatically. 

Check out the fluid tunic and long pants, both in that bright hyacinth tone; the clean lines of the silhouette temper the color’s inherent punch. And in classic Ralph shapes—a silk shirt-dress, slim pants, and a tissue-thin cashmere sweater combination, a sheath, a leather shift, jackets with fringe, and spaghetti-strap dresses with wide belts—these dynamic clothes felt at once familiar and fresh.


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