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Basil Soda Haute Couture Evening Dresses
“Simplicity weaves its way to moods”. Basil soda opened his own fashion house in 2001 after benefiting from 20 years of experiences and exposure in the world of haute couture. Being at the forefront of Middle Eastern chic, Basil soda is now stitching his stylish mark on Europe and the US.

As a natural extension of this, February 2009 signals the opening of Soda’s new museum theme atelier in Horsh tabet, bridging the gap between past, present and future.

Basil Soda redefines simplicity to fashion and structure distinct moods, which empower women to showcase their personality and timeless charms.
From, symmetry, shape and the relationship between points, curves, lines, and angles all come together to climax in a mélange of feminine allure. A hymn of pure tones and materials with a potent emphasis on architecture, the creation come alive in their assorted cuts.

Accessories, corsages, muslins, lace, satin and silk interplay with transparency, opaqueness, and a rich selection of colors with a trademark blue accent and splash of sea hues. The result is an expression of elegance and simplicity which caresses the body and highlights a woman’s inner soul.
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