Say NO to Anorexia

 Say NO to Anorexia !

 Say NO to Anorexia !

 Say NO to Anorexia !

 Say NO to Anorexia !

 Say NO to Anorexia !

Ana Carolina Reston (1984-2006) – Brazilian  model. In the age of 13 she began working as a model, she had quite brilliant career, she were requested a number of countries worldwide, working in world-recognized brands as Armani, etc. For the last time this 173 cm tall and 40 kg (light) model closed her eyes, she was 22 years old.

  Say NO to Anorexia !
Outrage, disgust and amusement are all apt reactions to the variety of controversial takes on body image featured. From flawless, Photoshopped celebs, to obese pets and pro-anorexia advertising, it’s apparent that while the world is ever-changing and we are evolving, body image is still a hot topic among people of all demographics.

While there is a concerning obesity epidemic in North America that people like Jamie Oliver are trying to battle, there are also women (and men for that matter) who can’t seem to lose enough weight in order to be happy. Many of these people fuel the booming beauty, fitness and vitamin industries.

A healthy attitude towards body image is something society has yet to perfect and these controversial takes on body image look to push to the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

Italy wages war against anorexic models
The Italian government has asked Milan's fashion designers to discontinue using ultra-thin models on the catwalk in a bid to fight anorexia among the country's youths.

'Fashion shows with skeletal models glorify thinness. This won't do,' said Sports and Youth Minister Giovanna Melandri.
Anorexia has assumed pandemic proportions in Italy affecting 2 million young women.

Melandri said that she is not in favor of any formal ban, arguing that she would prefer to 'forge an alliance' with fashion designers to help the government tackle eating disorders.
'I don't want to demonize the fashion world. Anorexia is a complex problem, a disease with deep psycho-somatic roots,' she added.

Fashion designers like Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace have indicated that they agreed with the initiative.
'I have never wanted girls that are too thin for my fashion shows, I prefer models that can wear my clothes well,' said Armani.
'I have always chosen real girls,' Versace added.

With another model dead from complications likely caused by anorexia, pressure is being put on the fashion industry to set minimum weight limits, in the cutthroat world of modeling.

The most recent death of a runway model followed a mere six months after her own sister dropped dead during a fashion show from a heart attack induced by anorexia.

We’ve reported on this before because anorexia just isn’t cool and it isn’t right that we keep seeing this stuff.  It was great when fashion designers issued weight guidelines just before NY fashion week.  But the regulations need to be global.  Earlier this year, Trend Hunter reported on Brazil’s 4th anorexic death, all driven by the obsession with thin.

Of course, with little concern for the health of their models, a spokesman on behalf of the British Fashion Council underlined the attitude that propogates the mentality behind these needless deaths when he insisted that weight “regulation is neither desirable nor enforceable”
Do these models look hot?  I don’t know how designers could assume that anorexic bodies can sell clothing.

 . Izabella Caro (1982-2010) –  French model starved herself to death in 2010.  Although she was 165cm tall, her weight was only 25kg. She was aware that she is suffering from anorexia and even participated in various anti – anorexia oriented actions, but did nothing about her own health. The outcome – death on 28 years.

The photographer Oliviero Toscani is at it again, this time taking pictures of 15 year anorexic Isabelle Caro for an ad campaign delivered for the clothing brand, Nolita. Nolita actually means “No Anorexia” which is an Italian clothing line brought to you by the fashion group Flash & Partners.

These shocking billboards were first posted for fashion week in Milan, Italy. At first people were tossing their pasta because they were forced to see a woman in such an ill state, but quickly saw what kind of an impact eating disorders have on our youth. Like his other work at first glance, Mr Toscani has a deeper message than exploiting a woman with the serious illness of anorexia. He is sending a message about a big problem in our world that neither he nor Isabelle want to cover up anymore: What it’s like for young women who fall victim to the stereotypes that are sold to them.

About half the women in America right now are on a diet and about half the amount of women that are dieting are men. Models usually average in at an Olive Oyl 5’11”, 117 lbs, whereas women who aren’t cartoons average at 5’4” and 140 lbs. The cherry on this empty sunday is that kids in the first through third grades feel they could be thinner. WTF ever happened to paint sets and telescopes?

So people, remember that you’re beautiful, even with the mole or however you were born. Although, if you do find yourself making bad choices because of someone you saw in a magazine, watch this. Now eat and be merry.

UPDATE: Please, a moment of silence for Isabelle Caro. This article originally published in 2007, she passed away late 2010.


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