Prada Releases Limited Edition Handbag for $40,000

The demand for handbags is astonishing to say the least. All the luxury brands worth its name are regularly coming up with collections every season and the demand for handbags is such that practically all of them do well and are able to sell in reasonable numbers. When brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada come out with their new luxury handbags it is news that stirs up the luxury market. And the latest news is that Prada is debuting an ultra high end luxury handbag this week targeted at the big money spenders.

It is a limited edition handbag and only 22 of them will be released. It is made of crocodile skin and lined with ultra soft nappa leather. There is a surprise for you inside in the form of a detachable clutch. It is a perfect clutch for a night out on the town. To maintain the exclusivity of the limited edition release, each bag will come with a metal tag that will feature its individual code number. The bag is of course very exclusive in terms of the craftsmanship, the quality of the materials used and the finish that makes it look different than other luxury handbags.

With the promise of Prada exclusivity the limited edition bag has been priced at around $40,000. You can get this bag in two styles and have several color options like tobacco brown, black, red, and dark blue. Prada is making it available selectively at only three of their most prestigious and premium boutiques. Their boutiques at Madison Avenue, Beverly Hills, and Las Vegas are the lucky ones who will be stocking it. At the price point it is positioned, the bag is obviously not for everyone but if you think you must own one of them you can call any of the three boutiques for all the relevant information.


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