Feel Young Via 24-Carat Anti-Ageing Gold Facial

Vouching for a compliment “One cannot identify your age with your glowing skin” from your dahling! Now you can invite one evn if you aren’t eligible for that. All you need to have is heart to shell out spare dough as UMO, a beauty company assures that the usage of precious metals can make you look younger. All those interested in having ever-glowing skin and are age conscious can give it a try. Unveiling the latest discovery in the industry of cosmetics and beautification is “the gold leaf facial.”

This Luxe 24-Karat gold facial claims to make use of the highest grade of gold leaf during its 80-minutes exercise. Before massaging, gold leaves are placed on face. UMO guarantees that the process would offer you firmer, brighter and suppler skin. UMO’s practice and logic of using metal has roots in the strong historical tradition. They say Cleopatra use to sleep in gold mask every night and Chinese empresses supposedly used gold rollers to massage their faces. 

Unlikely, gold is presently not used commonly as a part of modern day treatments for simple reason that it’s difficult to penetrate inside the skin. UMO shares that it has devised a technology that enables staff at the Charleston Place spa (venue where 24-karat gold facial is being done) in South Carolina to overcome the gold-penetration issue. Currently, it is not available in Britain but is enjoying its reach across the Atlantic at a value of £180 ($360).
Any takers?
Via DailyMail


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