Versace Creates Year of the Dragon Jewel Limited Edition Line of Handbags

The luxury brands and fashion houses have realized the importance of the Asian markets which has been growing consistently and have matured as luxury markets. The brands have increased their focus on the region and have been creating collections targeting the markets in the region. 

Italian fashion house Versace is in the forefront of this trend and has unveiled its Year of the Dragon Jewel Limited Edition line of handbags which have been created exclusively for Asia. This year is being celebrated as the year of the dragon in China and the luxurious bags in the collection have ‘Year of the Dragon 2012’ engraved on each one of them.

Dragons feature prominently on the bags in the collection. Each bag in the collection seems to be more luxurious that the other. The bags feature golden dragons on a black background with matte gold accents. Precious stones have been studded on the bags and help enhance their looks and value. The tags on the bags carry their individual limited edition number. The demand for luxury and exclusivity has increased rapidly in China and other markets in the region prompting the marketers of luxury to create limited edition designs.
The handbag with the exclusive design is priced at $5,017. 

The bags from the collection are being distributed only in the Asia Pacific region. Versace has planned a production run of only 210 pieces for the entire market. They have also created an ultra luxurious handbag crafted out of Chinese Red Python skin. It is again an exclusive creation which is limited to only 60 pieces worldwide. The dragon range of handbags is sure to receive a positive response from the Chinese market as the dragon is deeply entrenched in Chinese tradition as a symbol of power and good fortune. The dragon is sure to inspire designers this year.


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