Top 10 Jean Schlumberger Bracelets | Jewelry

The combination of high quality enamel, 18k gold, and in some cases, brilliant white diamonds, makes the Jean Schlumberger bracelet collection from Tiffany & Company an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

The Jean Schlumberger diamond bracelet features a juxtaposition of round brilliant white diamonds and black enamel framed in with 18k gold and platinum. It retails for $130,000 and can only be purchased by contacting Tiffany & Company customer service directly at 800-843-3269.

Jean Schlumberger, perhaps best known for his collaboration with famed jeweler Tiffany & Company, has released a series of beautiful bracelets that are available exclusively through the Tiffany retail boutiques throughout the world.

Although they represent a significant investment in your jewelry wardrobe, they are truly beautiful and unique pieces that can make a great heirloom to pass on for generations.  (Besides, they would look great when paired with a Wellendorff ring.  Many offer brilliant back-splashes of rich, vibrant color, making them a perfect compliment.)

Here is a list of our top 10 Jean Schlumberger bracelets, along with the retail price of each.  Some are only available by contacting the Tiffany & Company customer service department directly due to the exclusivity and rareness of the design.

 The Jean Schlumberger Enamel Bracelet with Red Enamel and 18k Gold retails for $27,000.

 he X pattern Jean Schlumberger enamel bracelet features 18k gold and light blue paillonné enamel. It retails for $22,000.

 The Dark Blue Enamel Jean Schlumberger Bracelet at Tiffany & Company features 18k gold with diamond and circle patterns on dark blue enamel. It retails for $27,000.

 At $27,000, this light green enamel Jean Schlumberger bracelet is a significant investment. It features 18k gold and is sold through Tiffany & Company jewelry stores throughout the world.

 Rich, warm, and magnificent are the words to describe this brilliant yellow Jean Schlumberger enamel bracelet from Tiffany & Company, complete with 18k gold. It retails for $27,000.

 This Red Enamel, 18k Gold, and Brilliant White Diamond Bracelet from Jean Schlumberger is sold by Tiffany & Company and retails for $40,000.

 Gold and Light Green Jean Schlumberger Enamel Bracelet with X Pattern in 18k Gold retails for $22,000 at Tiffany & Company jewelry stores.

The white and gold Jean Schlumberger Tiffany & Company & Company bracelet retails for $22,000 and features 18k gold on white enamel with a repeating X pattern around the bracelet.
Repeating patterns of diamonds and circles in 18k gold against white enamel make this Jean Schlumberger bracelet a unique conversation piece for any woman. 


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