Domo Adami Concept Couture Is Ridiculously Expensive

Weddings do not happen often, and it could be just once in your life that you could marry. Most women take a lot of time to decide about the man or woman they want to marry, and when they really do, it takes more time to decide what to wear on the big day! There have been several companies which offer customized bridal gowns but the one that has been launched by Domo Adami is something that is completely remarkable.

He has launched a collection called the Concept Couture and has been specially designed by designer Mauro Adami. The bride herself can customize dresses, handbags and accessories. The one that you can see here comes with a double tiered tulle underskirt and even has two meters of platinum woven into it.

It costs $40,855 and that is when I begin to think that in the name of luxury, a lot of people are either fooled, or turned into consumer machines. There is actually no need to spend $40,855 on a wedding gown when you could buy designer stuff from Versace or elsewhere for a cheaper rate, and use that money to travel around the world or rest on a Caribbean Island., Now, that is luxurious!


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