Prada Resort 2012 Ad Campaign featuring Léa Seydoux

Standing out against black silhouettes of bare wall stone, the French beauty Léa Seydoux poses for new Prada Resort 2012 ad campaign showcasing the brand’s classic and feminine collection, such as the lace dresses.

Wearing real waterfall accessories in bright and vibrant colors, such as chunky flower necklace set, hair pin and statement bracelet, Léa Seydoux was shot by photographer Steven Meisel who played a lot with shadows and light.

I’m personally amazed with the jewelry collection presented in this campaign, so playful and glamour featuring many colors and unique designs, and the clutches collection is adorable too. But really, I’m not impressed with the campaign, and I think Prada could have done much better than this.

There’s no luxury and glamour in this campaign, and none of the shots represent the prestige of the brand. The colors are dull, Léa looks boring, and the entire campaign is totally lifeless. Kinda wish Prada would have given more striking and stunning campaign with Léa … but the backstage video doesn’t look too boring though.


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