Manolo Blahnik Spring-Summer 2012 Shoes

Manolo Blahnik finally launched their Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection, I have been waiting for that and they did not disappointed me at all , brilliant designs and amazing color schema with the great variety of shoes.   

No doubt it is a treat for all those girls who love shoes and love to experiment with the styles, they will defiantly going to find few that will complement their wardrobe perfectly and they will show off their shoes on special occasions.  Actually we do not even need to say much about the Manolo Blahnik shoes because I don’t thing any one is not aware that these are one of the perfect show brands and they never.  

Manolo Blahnik has presented the Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection that abounds with exquisite designs and vibrant colors. The variety of shoes is so huge that every fashionista will find a pair that will complement her wardrobe perfectly.

Manolo Blahnik shoes don’t actually need any praise because we all know how wonderful they are. But it is really difficult to resist saying at least a few good words about them. If we take the Spring/ Summer 2012 collection what we have to pay attention to is the variety of styles and abundance of bright colors.

Styles in Manolo Blahnik Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection differ from flat sandals which are perfect for walking long distances to sky-high heels that look wonderful with luxurious evening dresses. Majority of shoes come in classic forms and with an average length of heel. But there are more eccentric designs which can become the focus of outfits rather than the finishing details.

Manolo Blahnik Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection features a lot of Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe trends: transparency, floral print, bright colors, unusual heels and color blocking.

If we speak about the colors, the scheme is totally crazy. The designer has used neon yellow, blue, red, green, pink hues as well as neutral black, beige, and white tones.

Comfort of Manolo Blahnik shoes deserves special mentioning. Unlike Christian Louboutin shoes Blahnik’s creations are always very comfortable to wear. In a recent interview to Vogue the designer said:
"Design is important, but comfort is paramount. Shoes should be extravagant but comfortable. I want women to be able to walk around in them all day. I have never had a woman tell me that she can’t walk in my shoes. I also hate shoes that are out of anyone’s price range. It’s obscene for anyone to have to pay too much for footwear.”

I totally agree with him. I love shoes more than anything in fashion but when I can’t walk in them more than 15 minutes I feel miserable.

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