Jeans Trends | Spring/Summer 2012

Denim is timeless, it’s the most practical and versatile piece of fabric, which appeals to everyone, regardless of sex, age, taste or preferences. There is no doubt that jeans are the basic elements in any wardrobe, as they are so easy to wear with simple tees, delicate and feminine blouses. Everyone wears jeans, from housewives to businesswomen, from teenagers to adults. And what’s the reason that jeans maintain such a high popularity? Certainly the comfort and confidence they provide to the wearer. However, jeans can be something more than just a comfortable piece of clothing: actually you can look irresistibly sexy and stylish in your jeans. Simply find the best pair of jeans for your body shape and team it up with the right piece of clothing and accessories.
Every season jeans come back to fashion with some nuances that make them even more alluring and fabulous. It’s time to get acquainted with the spring/summer 2012 jeans trends and pick the best style for your body shape.

Brightly Colored Jeans: Who said that jeans come only in the traditional blue color? The new season brings a myriad of hot shades with it, so it’s no surprise that jeans also come drenched in bright pink, red, green and violet shades. To avoid any style blunders, you can team up your bright jeans with a simple white or black top, or go bolder and try the color-blocking trend.

Jeans in Pastel hues: Pastel hues are other fashionable colors for the new season. They look so delicate and jeans in cream, mint, lemon or salmon are sure to be fascinating, when complemented with romantic blouses, wedges and a stylish wide-brimmed hat.

Printed Jeans: This spring/summer, prints are everywhere. They have managed to reach jeans too, therefore prepare to be charmed by floral printed, striped, animal printed jeans or the ones featuring African prints and kaleidoscopic patterns.

Skinny Cropped Jeans: This type of jeans will look amazing on slim girls with long perfect legs. If you don’t belong to this category of girls, you’d better stay away from this style of jeans, as they will make your problem areas more visible.

Bleached Jeans: If you like the retro trend, you can try bleached jeans, which will look especially stunning with fringed tops, faded t-shirts or cut-off vests.

High-Waisted Jeans: With the cropped tops so popular this season, high-waisted jeans automatically get fashionable. Besides they are great for covering your problem areas. You can also try wide-leg high-waisted jeans.

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