DressGoddess Creates the Most Expensive Prom Dress

People who have been to the prom will understand the importance of the occasion. It is the phase of life when you feel that prom is the most important thing you can look forward to. Even some parents feel that it is the time to indulge. Dressgoddess are banking on those parents with a liberal mindset and have created a prom dress that costs $13,997. You heard it right – fourteen grands.

It has been dubbed as the most expensive prom dress. The dress has been embellished with an assortment of genuine diamonds. The value of the diamonds is pegged at $13,000. The diamonds have been hand sewn throughout the bodice of the dress. The dress is designed to ensure a memorable entrance and exit at any prom. It is designed to bring Hollywood glamour to a prom.

The price tag indicates that the dress is not meant for everyone. But the mere mortals need not be disappointed. A knock off version is also available at a more affordable price of $398. The difference basically is the diamonds. It is called the La Femme 15987 version and makes you look as stylish. After all it is designed by the renowned prom fashion designer La Femme Fashion.
Via: huffingtonpost

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