Angelina Jolie Is the Face of Louis Vuitton’s Latest Ad Campaign

Louis Vuitton sure knows how to get the right person to be its face. Earlier, luxury-icons and celebrities like Bono, Sean Connery, Keith Richards and Catherine Deneuve have been the Louis Vuitton’s faces, and this time around, it is Angelina Jolie who would be the face of their latest campaign titled ‘Core Values’.

The campaign was shot by Annie Leibovitz and the first ad from the campaign features Angelina Jolie sitting on a wooden boat somewhere in Cambodia. Of course, she has a Louis Vuitton bag over her shoulders and looks as fashionable as ever with her dark hair. In fact, until recently she was spotted with blonde hair, and Angelina doesn’t look bad in dark hair either. LV sure knows how to rope in the best celebrities for their ad campaigns. While Angie sure is a global symbol of humanitarian efforts, adoptions, fight against racism and a bit of glamour thrown in, Louis Vuitton might have chosen her as she is also the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for many causes.

Her fight against HIV infections, and her support for those infected has been remarkable. While she certainly is one of the most successful Hollywood stars, she perhaps also can be associated with Louis Vuitton as luxury and charity go hand in hand. Perhaps that is what Louis Vuitton’s new ad campaign titled ‘Core Values’ tries to communicate to its consumers. You could also take a look at the article in which we wrote about Angelina Jolie’s Diamond pendant, which she chose for her husband Brad Pitt.

UPDATE: Check out this teaser on Louis Vuitton’s Journey microsite:

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton "Core Values" Campaign - Teaser

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