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 Nude Make-up Spring-Summer 2012 Trends
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 Nude Makeup Idea
Who said that nude shades can't make a real style statement? Check out the glam red carpet look of Kim Kardashian, that illustrates how dazzling creamy shades can really be. Turn yourself into a beauty sylph by coloring your lids with the darker or lighter tones of this popular shade. First apply a primer to guarantee the long-lasting effect of your eye makeup, then show your application skills to dig out the most of your glimpse. Crown your makeup with mascara and don't forget to preserve the flirty effect of your overall look by choosing as the ideal pouch the same hues.

Whether you choose the glowy or healthy complexion, you might want to enhance it and provide a maximum light to it. For this, you might want to add an illuminator. You could go for a liquid illuminator mixed with the foundation or a solid illuminator (stick) to apply in small strokes on the strategic areas of the face, like the forehead, cheekbones, eye brows and Cupid’s bow (little hollow between the nose and upper lip).

The Eyes : Colored & Iridescent
The smokey eyes effect is still in for the season, but this time fresher and more sparkling. To achieve this look, the colors to be used are pastels and iridescent eye-shadows. Depending on your eye color, you can use the following shades: brown eyes will match with green water shades, while green eyes will go with purple shades and blue eyes with apricot shades.

Another must-try for the spring to energize your look are the colored mascaras. For the mascara you can apply the same principle as for the eye-shadows. Each iris will be enhanced by a color, mainly brown eyes with green or chocolate mascara, green eyes with purple or green mascara and blue eyes with chocolate or purple mascara.

If you want your eye-shadows to resist throughout the day, apply a fixing base on the eyelid and then a cream shadow stronger than a dry shadow.

Also, if you want a deeper and intense effect for your mascara, while remaining discreet, you can apply on the eyelashes a first layer of black mascara, then a second layer but this time with a colored mascara only on the peaks.

The nude makeup style will never be out of trend or in trend at a particular time because of it’s versatility. And I wanted to bring you the best nude makeup looks around. 

 nude makeup Manhattan

 Runway nude makeup look

 Maybelline - milk and honey nude makeup

Tips for a Perfect Nude Makeup
If you wish to have an innocent, natural and a barely-there look, you need to go in for the nude makeup look. Nude makeup is especially read on to know more about nude makeup and ways to get the perfect look!

Do you wish to look naturally pretty in spite of using makeup? 

If you are tired of end up everyday looking made-up, then nude makeup is a good choice for a change. 

Having a ‘painted face’ is something that most women dread after their use of various products that claim to ‘enhance’ the looks. 

To be honest, most beauty-enhancing products are on the edge of ruining your makeup if not dealt well. 

If you have a hot date this weekend and certainly don’t want to embark upon a new beauty routine, here are some makeup tricks that can give you a natural glow without the made-up look!

Tips for perfect nude look:
Comparing to those heavy makeup that impresses us greatly, nude makeup always attach more importance to luscious and pure looks that give people a glimpse of intimacy.

If you have olive undertones for the skin, you can surely stick to cream or pale beige, but considering that your skin has pale undertones, you are immensely recommended to go in for pink, peach. The main part about nude makeup is to have a natural lip. If you want to have a prefect nude makeup, one thing you should bear in mind is to test the shades beforehand otherwise you will have no access to what they will look on you.

You can start nude makeup with a simple lip balm, a lip-gloss as well. Use a lip exfoliator before you try this look to make sure this would make your lips smooth and nice to feel. Once these are all done, gently apply a dab of the lip balm on the lips and add a light layer of the concealer over this.
Remember to add loads of mascara for the eyes. For a barely-there look, go in for a foundation that is light in texture and transparent with a powdery finish.

Natural makeup is suitable for everything! And if you really want bright accents, just add a little brown or gray shades, or just make your lashes thick.

 Lipstick should be beige and pink shades. Cheeks can be emphasized as a beige blush and peach. The latter is suitable for a daytime version. Slightly transparent shadows on the eyelids or the same icing. Eyelashes can nakrasili as black and brown ink.

The main secret: Nude makeup is not 'at the minimum' make-up. On the contrary, for the perfect effect you need a lot of money. And it's not just in natural shades. Most importantly - perfect feather.

Depending on what type of skin you have, select a primary means to make the pitch. If the skin without visible deffektov enough crumbly or compact powder. If there are shortcomings, we should carefully conceal them. Corrector, concealer, make-up base, foundation. All this should become one with your voice, and not look like a separate patch.

This is a great make-up and now It is the favorite of mine, I find it practical and natural.

What would you say about this makeup is too simple or very naturally?

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