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 High Ponytail Braid

Braided hair is very versatile. It can go from elegant to modern to an everyday look. You will see everyone from brides to celebrities  (and even kids) sporting a braid. It’s also much like the classic ponytail hairstyle — you can mix it up or just go with the classic version.

 Braided Updos- Jessica Alba hair at the 2008 Academy Award show definitely got my attention. Her braided chignon hairstyle is a great way to show off a fun braids look (Change it up with a side chignon!). Check out this video on how to recreate this hairstyle at Teen TV.

 A sleek and straight hairstyle with a braid thrown in. Beautiful!

 A runway worthy braid. So elegant.

 Paris Hilton's braided headband hairstyle
In Las Vegas, Paris Hilton tried out this cute, trendy hairstyle at the launch of her latest perfume and shoe line. She rocked a braided headband in a glamorous hairstyle with large curls dangling behind. Her usual platinum blonde accentuated her skin and pale lips.

Braided Headband
Braided ponytail- Lauren Conrad is infamous for braided hair styles.

 This braided hairstyle is the most versatile. Beachy, Beautiful and even flirty!

 I would call this braided hairstyle charming. It’s beautiful but something so unique about it that’s so classy.

Sienna Miller is known for bringing back the braided headband trend. One of the many bohemian hair braids styles that can look great on your hair with these tips. I always adore Sienna Miller hair looks. Don’t you?

HOW-TO: Pull hair back into a messy bun and secure with pins. Add a braided piece from the nape of the neck, and wrap around the entire head. Set the braid in place by sticking pins in the braid and connecting to the scalp. My favorite braided updo thus far.
INSIDER TRICK: Measure your head to see the ideal length of braid to buy and always match you hair color as closely as possible to perfect this braid around head look.
Source: Instyle

 The Halo Braid
Going to a major event? Do you want to look different from all the other women there with their straight hair or curly locks?  The halo braid is a fabulous alternative for a basic updo.  It works really great with long hair, but if your hair isn’t long enough don’t be afraid to use a braided headband.  The halo braid is truly unique and stunning.  Everyone can rock it, and you will be the main attraction at the party, completely unnaturally.

 Braided Chignon,one of my favorite braided updos for long hair

 Long Hair Braids

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