Biggest Shoe Trends for Spring-Summer 2012


2012 Spring-Summer Biggest Shoe Trends

Shoes Fabulous Shoes - Trends You Will Want To Know About .. 2012 Spring/Summer shoe styles are fabulous!

The hottest shoe trends for the spring/summer 2012 are shoes that don't whisper, but shout ! Ballerina flats are not the soft spoken ballerina flats of yesteryear - but stand to make a large statement.

The new shoe trends shout "The sky is the limit". No color is too shocking, and embellishment to garish...So, don't think you're seeing things, when you see fringe, and ruffles on your girl friend feet...

The Extreme High Heel - As I mentioned this season will be hard on ones ankles, and arches. The stilettos are towering, I am talking 7 inches high. The runways were "war zones" with models taking spills, due to mega high heel shoes. Look for pumps to have a bit rounder toes, and booties to be all done up, with cuts, and straps, not to mention lattices work.

The 2012 Spring/Summer Shoe Trend Is All About Neon !
The fashion gurus are mixing a bit of neon with otherwise demure fashions...

It's on trend to sip up a otherwise classical fashion look with a bit of neon. By adding a neon shoe or handbag, an outfit can come alive in a big color splash, yet still keep a somewhat classical look.
What Goes With Neon Shoes? Almost Anything!


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