10 Big Nail Trends to Try From Spring 2012 Fashion Week

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Long, Ladylike Nails
For a prim, proper, grown-up nail look, check out the demure manicures that Essie outfitted models with at Zac Posen. Instead of trimming all the models’ nails short and uniform, Essie kept them at an elegant length, making sure to file the tips into a flattering shape. To get the perfect curve while DIYing at home, just mirror your cuticle shape!
Photo: Courtesy of Essie

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Manicures With Racing Stripes
Need a quick pick-me-up? The speedy, sporty patterns that manicurist Yuna Park created for Ruffian’s spring 2012 show are totally energizing to look at.
Photo: Getty Images

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Monotone-Print Manicures
While not exactly DIY-able at home (unless you’re handy with plastics and hot glue), the OMG-worthy lattice-patterned Lucite nails that the CND team created for Joy Cioci’s spring show gave us one easy-to-steal idea: When you’re doing intricate prints on your nails, stick to one color instead of rainbow brights. It makes the trend a little more wearable and workplace-friendly.
Photo: Courtesy of CND

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Reverse French Manicures
An adventurous, exotic manicure—like those seen at Pamela Love’s Moroccan-inspired jewelry presentation—is the ideal way to travel without going too far. For an update on a tried-and-true nail polish classic, a plum and cream mix makes for a surprisingly fresh look!
Photo: Courtesy of Essie

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Chartreuse Nail Polish
The mellow-yellow hue that the CND nail pros whipped up for Karen Walker’s show walks the thin line between neutral and shocking. It’s simple and subtle, but if you catch it in the right light, it turns totally outrageous (in all the right ways).
Photo: Courtesy of CND

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Two-Tone Manicures
Inspired by the gorgeous hues in Prabal Gurung’s spring 2012 collection, nail pro Jin Soon worked with Sally Hansen to create the Lacy Lilac hue, then topped the nail (except for the sides!) with a deep shimmery plum called Loves-Me-Not to add a little depth. So why the double-dip? “I wanted a strong color statement and a slim silhouette,” says Jin Soon. “It’s classic and elegant.” Sounds good to us!
Photo: Courtesy of Sally Hansen

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Classic Red Nail Polish
Clearly, we keep going back to this classic for good reason. Pretty, sophisticated, fresh, sexy—what else could you ask for in a nail color? (Or in a shoe, dress or any old wardrobe item for that matter.) At Jason Wu, models rocked OPI’s Monsooner or Later nail polishes. Already got a great red at home? Apply a layer of high shine topcoat to any flattering poppy shade to update your polish!
Photo: Courtesy of OPI

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Sexy, Nude Nail Polish
For VPL’s body-conscious spring collection, the Butter London team went for a medium pinky-beige nail polish to play up the skin and natural hues. Thanks to the rosy undertones, it’s surprisingly sexy but still G-rated and subtle enough for everyday wear.
Photo: Courtesy of Butter London

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Ombré Manicures
Deciding on a manicure hue is always tough. (There are just so many good options out there!) But thanks to stylish folks like designer Jen Kao and her ombré manicures, we may not have to choose just one! The increasingly popular one-color-merging-into-another trend (first on hair color, now on nails) offers a subtle option to spring’s OMG nail trends.
Photo: Courtesy of CND

Spring 2012 Nail Trend to Try: Clean ‘n’ Simple Manicures
At the end of the day, sometimes you just want your old favorite. Remember (and love) Essie’s Mademoiselle? Tory Burch is right there with you—the models at her debut runway show wore the dreamy neutral down the runway. It’s Essie’s number one seller for a reason: It’s universally flattering and oh so elegant.
Photo: Courtesy of Essie

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