Madonna’s Intraceutical Facials Cost $14,200

Everybody knows that Madonna has a beautiful skin which never reveals her true age. Now the diva has disclosed her beauty secrets to the world. The good news is that Madonna could slow down the aging process and her lifestyle would never take back seat thanks to the new intracellular facials which rejuvenate skin. Madonna has been maintaining an excellent skin care balance over the years which would be continued in coming years.

Madonna is 0ver 50, yet attractive and is the mother of young children, and dates younger men. This gives the answer that her skin is the key to her success. What people wonder is if it is going to be a lifelong commitment against normal effects of aging. The 53-year-old singer had disclosed her secret of eternal youthfulness and age defying body, which depends on the most potent machine to administer the serum for antiaging skin care. Intraceuticals assures dramatic results with hydrating results and improved elasticity of the skin and fights against wrinkles and instead promotes cell growth.

Intraceuticals facials are the key secret to keep youthful and radiant skin at any age. Madonna of late discovered that the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Daily Serum and its facials are the best innovative products to hit the market after intensive research. So it is not an exaggeration that Madonna is a devoted fan of these beauty treatments which will be administered by a special machine at her home, no matter which country she lives in at the time. The singer has spent $86,000 to buy six of them. Each machine would cost about $14,200. You could read our previous article about gold facial as well.

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