Elena Perminova | Style Icon, Russian Top model & Russian It-Girl

Russian it girl, model and fashion buyer Elena Perminova works this salmon-flavored Maison Michel felt trilby hat to perfection.
She’s a Russian model (off course), she had a life that she can easily write a book about, her boyfriend is a Russian billionaire, she’s best friends with Miroslava Duma, but she really truly is a style icon. But I think I’ll better let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

An IT GIRL is a young woman with a certain attraction & large media attention. She is fashionable, classy, sophisticated, compassionate and she does the things most girls loves to do. An IT GIRL travels the world, visits the best hotels, wears the nicest clothes and goes to the most beautiful and popular places.

An It Girl is a jetsetter and often works in the fashion or entertainment industry. She's a style icon for many girls all over the world. We know many of them, like Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo, Tamara Ecclestone...

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