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Trends for glasses have been moving at a fast pace over the past decade. From large lenses to small to large again, from wire rims to thick plastic frames. The styles of glasses popular in the middle of the 20th century are reaching a new peak in popularity. And in the forefront of these fashions are white nerd glasses.

Nerdy eye wear has left the dorks behind and become one of the coolest style of glasses. Nerd glasses have been seen being worn by celebrities all over the place as well as featured in many television shows. While thirty years ago, nerd glasses belonged with the kids who wore pocket protectors, modern trends have made them the ideal glasses for stylish, confident people.

White nerd glasses are the most eye catching of all of the many colors available. The clean, freshness is sure to go well with any lifestyle, from that of business professionals to college students to salespeople in local shops. And on top of that, nerd glasses are unisex, equally flattering to both men and women. The large lenses make seeing much easier, and the sturdy, bulky frames are easy to handle and, especially for a white pair, hard to loose. White nerd glasses are the obvious choice for people shopping for a new pair of glasses.

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