Revenge of the nerds: Geeky Glasses | Celebrity nerd/geek glasses

 Geeky Glasses

 Geeky Glasses

Paris Hilton on Cover of Vogue Turkey
This cover looks like it would be more appropriate for i-D Magazine or maybe Interview Magazine, but I think its pretty brave for Vogue Turkey to have Paris Hilton on the cover. Perhaps more random than brave, but I'll let you be the judge!

Revenge of the nerds: Geeky Glasses | Celebrity  nerd/geek glasses
One of the most quirky trends being embraced right now would have to be quirky, nerdy glasses. You can basically buy these frames anywhere including Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Designer brands such as Kate Spade and Oliver Peoples are also displaying the look in their new collections. Here are some of my favorite nerdy glasses!

Asos Clear Lens Quirky Reader Glasses, $16.95

American Apparel Carson Eyeglasses, $45
 Urban Outfitters Study Hall Sunglasses, $10
 Oliver Peoples Sheldrake D-frame acetate glasses, $195
Buy Here

 Geeky Glasses

 Geeky Glasses
 Geeky Glasses
 Geeky Glasses

 Geeky Glasses

 Britney Spears geeky glasses

 Anne Hathaway Celebrity Nerdy Glasses trend 2011
  I love this Oliver Peoples ad featuring Shirley Manson, lead singer of the band Garbage.
 Even Lauren Conrad has been spotted rocking the look!
Tortoise shell patterns are a classic and she wears hers very well. 
 Lindsay Lohan jumps on the hipster bandwagon.

 Katy Perry. Although I wouldn't wear these glasses, they fit her cute pinup girl persona perfectly.

 Phillip  Lim geek chick glasses

 Fashion Trend - The New Geek Chic Look

 The New Geek Chic Look

 The New Geek Chic Look

 The New Geek Chic Look

 Jessica Agombar Celebrity Nerdy Glasses trend 2011

 Miroslava Duma nerdy glasses frames
 Retro nerd

 Sallin Griley glasses

 Justin Bieber wearing geeky glasses

 Geeky Glasses

 You don't need a prescription (or a big budget, for that matter) to get in on one of the hottest trends for spring: Geek chic glasses are now wholeheartedly embraced by fashionistas everywhere as a slightly ironic, totally cool, statement-making accessory. This look certainly isn't new—retro nerdy specs are always "in" somewhere—but the question is: Will YOU be wearing them?

 Geeky Glasses

 LuLu*s “Nerd Alert” Frames
($9, LuLu*s)

 Tom Ford Eyewear Spring/Summer 2011
OK, so in the past I have shunned the trend of unprescribed glasses (i.e "nerd glasses), but after seeing this new Tom Ford ad, I definitely want a pair. So.. they're back, and they're Swank! I'm sure that made some of you happy..

What do you think? Is this just another fad or is nerdy now cool?

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