Dior Launches a Blog like Online Magazine

Dior has become terribly confident about its presence on the web world as it has acquired almost seven million fans on Facebook. Encouraged by the large online fan base the French fashion house has put in a lot of time, money and energy in creating an online magazine with an aim of keeping loyalists informed about the goings on at the fashion house.
The Dior Mag will be updated almost on a daily basis. The content focused on the activities at the famed house will generally be soft in tone and nature. You can’t really expect to see a story about how and who they are getting as replacement for John Galliano.

The live streams of their shows during Paris Fashion Week will be a major highlight. There will be editorial content on where the house sources the raw materials for its fragrances. 

The editor-in-chief of the magazine is anonymous and is overseen by the marketing team. 

In short the marketing department will have editorial control of the magazine. This is where the fashion houses that create online magazines go wrong. They all are trying to pass on a very fancy public relations blog as an online magazine.

An online magazine can also be run like a print magazine. There are examples of online magazines that are published once every month. They even have digital pages that can be turned with a click of the mouse. Unfortunately what Dior has created is a blog with minimal editorial content. 

They got off with eight articles as eight is Christian Dior’s lucky number. These stories also depend heavily on videos and images, connecting them with about 100 words or so. These stories also fail to tell you something new about Dior and the application does not allow a reader to comment on the stories so they can’t even get a feedback from their readers.

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