Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond engagement rings are not the most common of engagement rings. After all, the color black suffers from social stigma of being closely related to bad luck, to death, and to other undesirable forebodings. However, beyond all these superstitions, engagement rings that have black diamonds at the center of the ring or spread around the band are unique as they are beautiful.

After Carmen Electra’s black diamond solitaire ring from Rob Patterson, however, these engagement rings have grown in popularity. One reason why other people are attracted to them is because it is much edgier and unique compared to other rings. To some, it is a reflection of their personality that is not particularly traditional.

Black diamonds are rare, though not the rarest. That distinction belongs to red diamonds. Although called black, black diamonds are not actually black, but appear black because of dark impurities in the stone. The have the same structure and hardness as all diamonds. And, like all diamonds, they cannot be cut or shaped except with another diamond. 

Black diamonds are mined in Australia, Africa and also some parts of South America. Meteors are now believed to have played a part in the formation of black diamonds eons ago.
The crystal structure of a black diamond includes tiny specs of graphite, hematite and/or magnetite. These were trapped during the formation of the stone. These impurities will absorb light as so give the stone a rich black look and glossy surface. Therefore, most black diamonds are opaque, but some semi-transparent stones have been found and are quite valuable.

Black diamonds are cut in all the normal shapes, however they can be more difficult to cut because of the impurities which can cause the stone to break more easily.
Black diamond rings have become more popular recently because of their elegance. They are also sought after because of their uniqueness and many people seek something a little different from the norm. 

Silver or white gold are the most common settings for black diamonds because it enhances the beauty of the stone. The dark, shiny stones really make a statement and are truly beautiful.
If you are looking for a black diamond (or any diamond for that matter), it is wise to purchase from a reputable jeweler whether online or in person. Colored diamonds can be faked with heat or radiation, so you want to be sure you are getting the genuine article. 

Black diamonds are some of the most beautiful, luxurious stones you can buy and will make a lasting impression on the recipient and will provide a lifetime of beauty and a great addition to any jewelry collection.

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  1. Nice pictures and information about Black Diamond Engagement Rings. It should clear any misconceptions about black diamonds being closely related to bad luck, to death, and to other undesirable forebodings.