The waitlist for the Hermes Birkin Bag finally over!

Why are designer bags so sought after? Well, precisely because they are almost unattainable and not to forget- they look gorgeous! Hermes bags are so rare that its easier to get The Holy Grail! In 2008, the Hermes Birkin Bag had such a long waiting list, that Hermes had to block further demands as it could not keep up with it.

But now it seems that the bags are back in the market and one can actually go to the showroom and actually come out with one (after paying the obnoxiously high price ofcourse). No more the waiting and the sighing – will I get one or not. This development seems to be an effect of the recession. Portero started selling the Hermes Birkins this week by putting up a big banner that reads “The Wait Is Over. Get Yours Now.” We would if we had that kind of money!

The Hermès Violet Suede Veau Doblis 25cm Birkin Bag is priced at $6,895 and it is the cheapest one available. Those who can spend that much on a bag without getting palpitations, must go ahead and buy these elegant and oh so stylish bags. The rest of us will have to satisfy ourselves by simply ogling at them. Sigh!

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