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Signature Crux Cufflinks
Swarovski Golden Shadow; Code: 70004 - In stock
£65.00 [ via ]

The face of these cuff links will charge from the sun or incandescent lighting and once charged, emits a soft glow which makes them easy to see at night or in darkened areas.
  $135.00 [ via ]  

Fleur-De-Lis Sign Cufflinks Golden Cuff Links
Price: $19.99 [ via ]

Handcrafted Steampunk Styled Cufflinks
This gorgeous set of handmade one of a kind, Steampunk cuff links feature, elegant and incredibly sophisticated, brilliant,  antique 17 ruby jewel, oval wristwatch movements, high polished silver and gold gears and exquisitely vibrant gold plates with a brushed finish,  circa 1940's.
This pair of handcrafted steampunk styled cufflinks is priced at $89 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for more details.

Gold cufflinks from Gucci for golden wrists
If metallic yellow is your desired shade then don’t shy from donning the gold Gucci cufflinks on your wrists. Crafted out of 18 carat gold, these ornamented male accessories sport a conspicuous Gucci logo that screams luxury without fuss. For $1,640 (1150 euro), these gold cufflinks are a must for all men who intend to jazz up their attire with flair.

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