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Kiwi N310 Mini Notebook PC. Bronze Award
Category: Computer Equipment. Design: Naoto Fukasawa and Seunghyun Paek, Samsung Electronics (South Korea)
Kiwi is a 10.1-inch mini laptop that combines a high-tech electronic device with the convenience of a product such as a bag or wallet. The design uses a cute, familiar shape and natural colors to ensure a comfortable experience.

The Coolest Computer Equipment

Bamboo Puzzle Laptop Stand
Enhance your workspace bigtime with a limited budget. This bamboo crafted puzzle laptop stand is sure to withhold some beating. The new laptopstands has a beautiful engraved logo with a complementing ever so smooth texture.
This beautiful stand can be yours for only $89 at Etsy. (€62,50 EUR)

Microsoft Shell Laptop ConceptBronze Award
Category: Computer Equipment
Design: Josh Maruska and Tad Toulis, Teague (U.S.)
The Microsoft (MSFT) Shell Laptop is a notebook concept that provides a premium experience for female users age 23 to 28. The design avoids the aesthetics traditionally associated with this category, instead focusing on experience and engagement. Soft materials such as wood and ceramics are combined with electro-luminescent lights to create a design more in tune with a contemporary woman's aesthetic needs.


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