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The pure white snow of winter wraps the latest creations of the division jewelry the Maison Chanel and inspired by two reasons so dear to the great Gabrielle Chanel as the camellia and the staple, makes a valuable collection of spectacular and dazzling.

Earrings, bracelets and so collier give rise to a veritable tribute to femininity and timeless classic with the most brilliant diamonds, pearls and gold.

The white whiteness and shape of the soft camellias in flower are the first inspiration for these dazzling jewels and light design which incorporates the floral forms and soft curves of the petals stand out: the flowers form and brilliant precious embroideries and laces, while the long chains are the tips of delicate flowers.

The second mood to be elected Chanel is synonymous with elegance bow that emits a slightly curved and swollen almost sour and adolescent sexuality. The fresh design of the bow is then combined with more traditional pearls and their ever-changing play of light, blacks and modulated crystals interspersed with chains flowing. The result is a timeless elegance suitable for any woman.

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Eternal Beauty From Chanel Comete Necklace
Beauty Of Chanel Diamond Necklace

Starting from a story of Gabrielle Chanel, a founder of the brand begins with a small shop in Paris, circa 1909. He began to expand its business by selling clothes comfortable to wear and modern. make himself known to many people. From story of passion and love of a man named Coco, he is a wealthy man in town, but the Coco still live in simplicity. Because Coco think that simplicity is the key of all true elegance. Then Chanel emerging concepts and different brands come in a variety of the world.

Comète Necklace

intended to steal all the attention and make women who wear them feel like he has been blessed with the stars shining. The number of different sizes cut brilliant diamond is set into an 18 carat white gold setting boasting. Inspiration cosmic considered by Coco herself ” the eternal and eternally modern. ” More than half a century since he launched his Comètes we still can find them modern and timeless in their elegance.

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