2012 OFFICE STYLE DRESS | Office Dressing Styles for Women

. A little embellishment can also do wonders in terms of making you look more put-together. [Pin Dot Button Front Top, $70, Ann Taylor]

Fashion for Work: Chic Office Styles

Zippy Up Smart Office DressAs refreshing as a sunshine stroll, this slightly silky and comfy dress is enhanced with a pretty wide blossom collar. The dress has a lady cut and accessorized with two side pockets at the hip. The super soft and smooth jersey is fashioned with a eye-catchy flowery rosette at the right shoulder that makes this dress so one-of-its-kind and unique!  Great for office wear and other occasions.

Here are office dressing styles for women, Dressing for office doesn’t mean that you wear boring and plain suits that are far from the fashion trends.

Keeping yourself updated and wearing clothes that are in compliance with the ongoing fashion is the perfect way to enhance your professional image and style. There are a variety of office styles to choose from including formal suits, skirts and dress pants with silk and cotton shirts. 

Most of the working women wear suits that are available in a variety colors from which the most popular ones include black, white, skin and grey. These are preferred over other styles because of the style and elegance they add to your professional image. You must also keep your job in mind while selecting the ladies wear for office.

For example, if you work in an advertising agency but are not a model and you have always been in habit of wearing dresses with traditional lengths, you can’t just wear a more trendy or short skirt just because you are surrounded with glamorous people. This will make you uncomfortable.






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