Necklace of multi sized Swarovski crystals & pendants, $495

I’m always happy when I find a designer whose pieces you can buy and able to keep adding it to your collection for seasons and seasons to come! Case in point: Designer Winnie Gundeck’s Winifred Grace Collection!

Are you in love yet?

From her Chicago-based loft studio, Winnie creates jewelry inspired by visually rich textures and patterns found in everything from nature to indigenous art, tapestries and adornments. Materials include oxidized sterling silver and 14k gold-filled chains and rhinestones.

Winnie is a visionary! The Fall 2010 Collection really makes you feel luxurious, tough, and glamorous. Talk about a statement piece Blaynistas? Picture this, 3 necklaces stacked made under the illusion of 1. When she designs, she plays with a host of different lengths will keeping the same feel throughout the collection. Giving you reason to play around, and add to what you already have.
Loop earrings of brass, $92

“My maternal grandmother, an artist in her own right, studied jewelry design, painting, illustration and sculpture in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the 60’s,” explained Gundeck. “She was the one who motivated me to explore my creative side.

Bracelet of multi sized Swarovski crystals & pendants, $480

Today, Winifred Grace can be found in the finest luxury boutiques around the United States.

Winifred Gundeck resides in Chicago, IL with her husband Benjamin and dog Guffman.

Images Courtesy of: Courtney Forrest Communique

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