Versace for H&M Collection Photos

The long awaited photos for the Versace for H&M collaboration photos are in! Personally, I was drawn to the black, leather and studs from the collection. However, the bright, bold, colorful prints caught my eyes as well.

The prices ranges from $24.95 – $299.00.

The collaboration is due to hit stores on November 19, 2011 at 300 H&M locations.

Gold, studs and glamour! The Very Best of Versace for H&M collection has truly captured the essence of Versace. Indulge in iconic pieces with bright prints, studs and daring cuts. Check out the official video now!

Which pieces from this collection will you get your hands on?

Gold-39.95 $

Gold-Grecian-Buttons-149 $

Versace for H&M Dress, $129
This one confuses the heck out of me. Do I love it it? Do I hate it? Is that a sunset motif?

Versace-H&M-Silk-Dress-149 $

Versace-H&M Black-Dress-79.95 $

Versace-H&M Black-Heart-Dress
Versace-H&M Black-Logo-Skirt-129 $

 Versace-H&M Black-Pleated-Skirt

Versace-H&M Black-Silk-Dress-149$
This is very cute. I have nothing against this. Not even the ice skater skirt…

Versace-H&M Black-Silk-Top-69.95$
Versace-H&M Black-Studded-Handbag


Versace-H&M Blue-Green-Print-Leggings-29.95$

Versace-H&M Blue-Leopard-Scarf-34.95$

Versace-H&M Bracelet-29.95 $ -Gold
Versace-H&M Bracelet-39.95$

Versace-H&M Dress-129$
Versace-H&M Earrings-Red-19.95 $
Versace-H&M Faux-Fur-Vest-69.95$
Versace-H&M Floral-Jacket-69.96 $

Versace-H&M Floral-Multi-Color

Versace-H&M Green Print-Leggings-29.95$

Versace-H&M Gold-Metallic-Dress-249 $

Versace-H&M Heart-Handbag

Versace-H&M High-Heeled-Lace-Up-Suede-Boots-149$
Versace-H&M Leather-Heels-129$

Again, leather and studs. Need I say more? 
Versace-H&M Leather-Studded-Dress-299 $

Versace-H&M Leopard-Pink-Handbag-199 $
Versace-H&M Leopard-Pink-Skirt-69.95 $

Versace-H&M Necklace-39.95 $

Versace-H&M Pink-Leather-Heels-129 $

Versace-H&M Pink-Leopard-Print-Silk-Scarf-29.95 $

Versace-H&M Pink-Silk-Dress-199 $

Versace for H&M Bag Pink-Studded-Purse. Barbie goes punk. I will take two, please. Call for pricing

Versace- H&M Purple-Dress

Versace-H&M Red-Dress-79.95 $
Yes. Of course. If you’re going to do the LRD (Little Red Dress), might as well rock out with your cock out. 
Go big or go home, American Gladiator style!

Versace for H&M Silk Dress, $149
Saved the best for last. This piece is very beautiful and I adore it very much. So much so that if it came in white, I would want to get married in it.
Or at least I’d wear the purple version on a date.

Versace-H&M Red-Print-Leggings-69.95$

Versace-H&M Red-Silk-Dress-149$

Versace-H&M Ring-19.94 $

Versace-H&M Ring-Red-19.94 $

Versace-H&M Silk-Dress
Versace for H&M Silk-Bustier-129 $
Floral bustier with enough black to make it rock n’ roll. I love it!…so much! (!!!)

Versace-H&M Silk-Dress-199 $

Versace-HMSilk-Shirt-Top-Set-199 $

Actually, nevermind. I pretty much just hate this one….
Versace for H&M Silver Metallic Dress, $249

Versace for H&M Studded Leather Jacket, 
It’s leather. With studs. No brainer.299 $

Versace-H&M Yellow-Silk-Dress-199 $

" My house... My rules... My pleasure... " [Donatella Versace]

Happy shopping to all you earlybirds lined up on November 17th! Good luck!

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