5 Spring Makeup Shades To Rock Now

Lips with a bright, citrus crush. Eyes that smolder with subtle hits of color. Cheeks aglow with sunny flashes of fuchsia. Pinks that are so bubblegum sweet, we almost get a sugar rush. Yep, spring 2011 makeup trends are heating up, and we're more than ready to take on some meltingly hot hues that really grab spring's punched up feeling (and leave winter's darker-tinged vibe behind). Here are five fresh spring 2011 makeup colors that are sure to turn up the heat pronto.

Lip Service—Coral kissers are the rock-solid shade of the season. Dive in with a super-saturated orange, or ease in with softer coral-meets-peach shades. Either end of the spectrum is a chic way to reinvent the statement lip.

Get In Line—Eyeliner loosens up this spring with some rich shades of violet, adding a touch of softness to double-take-worthy eye makeup:

Flushed with Fuchsia—Colorful cheeks are oh-so-back, and just in time for some fresh-faced summer lovin'.


Super-Pigmented Pastel Pinks—What came first, Nicki Minaj or her pink lipstick? Regardless, this '60s-inspired cotton-candy reboot is a new spring obsession:

Out of the Shadows—These dexterous spring eyeshadow palettes display a combo of dark and colorful shades, giving you an edge on whipping up a sultry-hued smoky eye:

Get the Look: Kim Kardashian Vegas Photo Shoot

Marlena over at Makeup Geek posted a tutorial for you to watch and learn how to recreate the look Kim Kardashian had for her Vegas photo shoot.  Marlena will show you how to accomplish this look (originally created by Mario Dedivanovic) with inexpensive products and easy techniques.  She also lists all products used.  I love her tutorials, she breaks it down in easy-to-follow steps and posts tons of original and beautiful looks!

Colorful makeup :

Lise Watier Sea Belle Summer Makeup Collection

dramatic eye makeup2

Makeup for Asian eyes

As Asian eyes are hooded, your main goal is to make them appear wider keeping their beautiful shape.

If you have Asian eyes:
1. Apply light eyeshadow from the eyelids to brows. Use lighter shadow in the inner half and darker one in the outer half
2. To enhance the eyelid surface, apply a light shade under the brow area.
3. Apply darker eyeshadow on the part of the lid that you want to appear smaller. Avoid using too dark shadows as they will make your eyes appear smaller.
4. Use eyeliner to draw a thick line along upper eyelid and a thinner line on the lower eyelid.
5. Curl your eyelashes and apply with mascara.

Smokey Eyes :

Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye {Day Time Look} :

Models before/after :

Arabic style makeup:

arab makeup

arab makeup eyes. Beautiful Arabic Makeup Photos


What You Need :
* Pencil Eyeliner
* Liquid/Gel Liner
* Mascara
* Q-tips (optional)
(Step 1).
Starting from the inner corner, line your top lash line with a pencil liner. Choosing one that glides on easily will make your life a LOT easier. I am using MAC’s Pearlglide Liner in Black Russian here.As you approach the outer corner, make the line thicker and flick it upwards, extending it past the outer corner of your eye. Be sure to taper it unless you are going for a “modern” look as spotted at the DKNY Fall 2009 show.
(Step 2).
Go over the line with a liquid or gel liner for maximum lasting power and color. I swear by MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack.This is what it should look like when you are done.
(Step 3).
Repeat on the lower lash line . Make sure the two lines join each other at the outer corner.
(Step 4).
Clean up any mistakes or smudges with a Q-tip or a makeup remover pen. L’oreal’s Clean Artiste Makeup Corrector Pen is perfect for this.
(Step 5).
Curl your lashes, apply a few coats of mascara or a pair of fake lashes on the top to complete the look.
Voila! Sexy cat eyes in no time!
More Tips
* If you don’t have a steady hand, try resting your elbow on a hard surface like a table top.
* Find it difficult to draw a straight line in one stroke? Make a few dots and connect them.
* Always start out with a thin line. It is easier to retrace the line to make it thicker than trying to make a thick liner thinner.
* Mastering the cat eye does take time and practice so be patient!            source

Apply Liquid Eyeliner

* To make the line longer-lasting you should apply the eyeliner over your eyeshadows.
* In case you make a mistake use a cotton pad and a mild makeup remover to correct it.
* Always choose a color that suits your eyes and the color of your eyeshadows.
* Never apply liquid eyeliner to the lower lash-line, use pencil eyeliner instead.
* Always start the application in the centre of your eyelash line on the upper eyelid.
* When applying liquid eyeliner always follow the natural curve of your lash-line.
* Keep your hand steady – this way it will be easier for you to apply the eyeliner flawlessly.
* Remember: eyeliner should be applied as close to the lash-line as possible.
* Never create too thick line at first, build the line gradually.
* When selecting liquid eyeliner, always make sure you choose one that dries fast in order to avoid smudges.
* Before applying liquid eyeliner, always shake the tube for a few seconds.
* Most of the makeup artists advice first to draw a few dashes with a pencil eyeliner and then to apply the liquid eyeliner. * If you want to achieve a more dramatic look, create a thicker line.
* Remember: always apply the liquid eyeliner after the eyeshadows, but before the mascara to prevent smudges. * Eyeliners in black, brown and dark violet suits almost everyone.
* Don’t forget to blend the line carefully, using a small eyeshadow brush.
* Remember: for liquid eyeliner always use a point liner brush as it will allow you to draw an even line.
* Never keep your liquid eyeliner in the bathroom as water may trap in it.
* Remember: always let the eyeliner dry before you open your eye.
* Never apply eyeliner if your eyes are tired or infected.
* Harmonize the eyeliner with your mascara, so that it frames your eyes and makes your lashes look thicker.

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