Harem Pants - How to Wear this Fashion Trend

If you don’t have a pair of harem or peg-legged pants hanging in your wardrobe by now then the chances are you have been hibernating all winter... :)

Any fashionista worth their salt will be wearing one or both of these tricky trends for the Spring Summer 2011 season.

Rules for Wearing Harem Pants

Using both Arabic (harem-style) and Asian (fisherman’s pants) influences, ultra-modern dropped-crotch pants have ruled the runways now for two seasons. Believe it or not, teamed with the right pieces this year's harem pants can be figure flattering and classy to wear. No longer quite the billowy trousers of 2008, affordable sleeker styles in light fabrics with a leaner silhouette have hit the high street stores from Zara to Top Shop to Reiss, ready for the spring summer season. Baggy at the crotch and slim at the ankles, follow some easy fashion tips to wear your new harem pants with style:

•Don’t go too loose at the crotch or baggy in the middle. Opt for a style than is leaner, especially if you are under 5' 3". There are a number of variations on the harem theme so keep trying until you find one that flatters your shape.
•Harem pants in light drapey fabrics are the most flattering. Try silk or cotton jersey. According to Grazia, magazine of February 9th, 2009, in “Harems: Yes You Can!”, satin and wool versions are best avoided as they can look like nappies.
•Set off the bagginess of the trouser with high-heels. Must-have accessories are a pair of gladiator sandals or strappy stilettos, the higher the better.
•When it comes to up top, think cropped tailored jackets or a fitted boyfriend blazer.
•Stay slim on top to counter-balance the fullness of the pants. Wear fitted tops, not baggy ones. If you have trouble finding a look that works for you, then try one of the seasons slouchy harem-style jumpsuits instead.
•For a more classic take, pair tailored harems with a pussy-bow or frilly blouse.
•Add a wide, chunky belt for an added casual style.
•Choose pants that are cropped just below the knee for day-wear and go for longer styles (cropped just above the ankles) for night time.
•For harem pants that are particularly baggy,si
brightly colored bac tees and tucked-in vests will balance out the width at the legs.     source

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Some are a little worried about this 80's trend resurfacing. If worn the wrong way, I have to admit they aren't the most flattering of items. They're growing on me daily however, and on my hunt for style inspiration I've definitely found the good, bad and downright ugly. I've already grabbed myself a bargain pair at Sportsgirl (for $69.95) and I'm definitely enjoying the comfortability. I'm not so sure my husband thinks they are the most flattering of clothing items, especially on my 5ft nothing body but I'm having fun wearing them and sometimes with new trends that's the main thing!

1. Harem Pant from Asos.com 2. Mossimo Harem Pants $79.95 P 1800132780 3.Kookai Jasmin Pant $160 Kookai.com.au

So... do you harem??? :))


You can combine them with :

Convertible harem pants The Harem Hall of Shame   Part 2 
Norma Kamali, French Elle c. 1980 via the New York Times

How they used to wear them :

"The harem dance" by Giulio Rosati (1858-1917)

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