Ed Hardy - Tattoo Clothing for men

Ed Hardy. Inspired by the youth of America, vintage-inspired fashion, Hollywood stardom, and motorcycle and tattoo culture, it is no surprise that Audigier was motivated by the artwork of Ed Hardy, the “godfather of tattoo”, then purchased the rights to his artwork in order to bring tattoo culture into the world of fashion.
Since December 2004, Audigier has already brought legendary tattoo genius Ed Hardy to new heights. The cleverly designed t-shirts, denim and accessories reflect Audigier’s own fast-paced lifestyle and passion for color. To date, Audigier has signed the Ed Hardy motorcycle manufacturing deal, produced and distributed the collectible Ed Hardy energy drink, launched a brand new retail store on Melrose, obtained full international distribution of the Ed Hardy lifestyle brand, and generated over $5M in sales to date. Needless to say, Audigier will launch more than four new Ed Hardy lifestyle product categories in the coming year, including housewares.

Celebrities wearing Ed Hardy :

David Beckham :
Ed Hardy Clothing + Caps=star quality

Peter Andre signs modelling contract with Christian Audigier for Ed Hardy range :

Peter Andre parties at Movida (Pic:PA)

Ed Hardy t-shirts:


Ed Hardy Pants:

Men's swimwear by Ed Hardy offers the popular vintage tattoo designs in bold colors and sexy, masculine styles.
This eclectic mix of designs is eye-catching in these knee length board shorts:

Ed Hardy's show Friday night was not part of the "Swell Suits Miami 2011" collective of male swimwear like the other designers shown here, but the label reflected the overall trend of less baggy looks in men's swim seen across the board.

Ed Hardy Hats :


Ed Hardy beverages :

When it comes to fashion, fragrance, and making a statement Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier is the premiere lifestyle brand. From the over the top trucker hats, t-shirts, sneakers, and new line of fragrances... when you are rocking Ed Hardy gear, people know it. The signature Ed Hardy aka the "Godfather of Tattoo" tattoo designs are the way to go to acheive the "street couture" look using the famous tattoo designs of Ed Hardy and many times covered in rhinestones, the Ed Hardy brand will get your message across. Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier is often imitated, never duplicated.
New at Boscov's we are proud to introduce the Ed Hardy line of fragrances!

Ed Hardy Mens Set.jpg

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