Method of doing "Flower design" in Canadian smocking | Tutorials

 In Flower design folds are created by joining 4 points of a square. From this stitch we can create as many designs as we want. It has got many names. One of them is" Bee cottage."
Flower design is worked on the right side of the fabric. We cannot draw squares on the right side of the fabric as it shows. Only dots should be marked. Both the sides of this design are used to create designs.

Mark rows of dots 2 cm or 3 cm or 4 cm apart on right side of the fabric according to the design and according to your taste. I find it difficult to mark dots in the front. So as usual I secure the fabric to my working table with 3M tape and draw squares back side of the fabric. Then I transfer the corner points of the squares to the right side with the help of a light colored carbon paper.

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